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Xanth / Jun 03, 2019

It's a shame we didn't have 7-8 raids on Cabal in the first two weeks of Mythic and secure world 117 or we'd have gotten a better rank here, but as it turns out, competence is mandatory for this boss.Thanks to the hard work of some of our long sta...

Xanth / Mar 13, 2019

This boss was an absolute slog, but we got there in the end. After having buffs/nerfs invalidate our previous strategy where we were having single digit percentage wipes, we came back with a fresh strategy and finally downed Jaina. A well deserved...

Xanth / Mar 02, 2019

On to the final challenge. Thanks to the mechanical skill of our mighty Mage Flitch, adds were trivialised on this fight. Jaina next!

Xanth / Mar 02, 2019

Red is skull. After having to remove the mutes and colour blind raiders, we managed to take Mekkatorque down. Well balanced boss with an interesting amount of personal responsibility.

Xanth / Feb 08, 2019

Our creative placement of the death's door took the edge off this fight, a clean kill was easily achievable once Phase 2 was executed properly.