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Your Character:

Name: Merrell
Class: Holy/Disc Priest. Blood Elf

Armory link:

UI Screenshots (1 while in combat as well):

RealID: MAR is shortened of my name since my name would be too long and hard in english

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats:

Right now as it stands, Intelect has the highest Value for us Priests since blizzard did a bad job on stats and made the secondary stats somewhat messy.
with that siad, it doesn't meant secondary stats lost all values to us.

My prioity for Raiding as Holy priest Is Int > Mastery=>Crit. Mastery is our main secondary stats because of our Mastery Echo of light which will make a Certin % of our healing + Mastery becoming a HoT effect on all players who get's healed directly or indirectly by Holy priests. Crit as it stand will make you Crit heal which means your Echo of light would heal more.
the proper Stat % for Holy priest right now is if not equal about the same size of Crit mastery with mastery being more favored in raids. so like 20% crit and 29% mastery would be enough for H priest. after that it would be balancing your Haste and Vers since you can't just ignore them. 10% or close to it haste is enough and about 2-3% vers would be really strong if you don't have any.

My priority as disc is Int > Haste=>Crit > mastery. Disc is a Proactive healer which excels in healing large amounts of bursts damage coming in short periods of time that is why you need Haste to be able to respond and use your tool kit well. for example being able to use Power word radiance in time + Applying direct attonments with shields + Extending them with the Evangelism and Valla! you have Most of the raid covered in your hand and are ready to dish out a large healing burst when the damage hits. Crit as it stands means More healing and More Damage which cause more healing as well.

Do you have any logs from your recent raids?

Latest Zek'voz mythic Kill I was part of + Some random Heroic Kill I had (Zekvoz, Vectis, Mythrax) alone or with guild. but if you want newer logs which consists of wipes on vectis I can provide that as well but since it's a "Progress fight" and our guild was trying to figure out the System they were going to do it and can't be used for judgment since we were trying to progress and testing different stuff and healing rotations out.

Personal information:

Age: 22
Country: Iran
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)? : NO.

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC). : Normal MS is 130 and my fps is 30.
Intel(R)Core(Tm) i7-4510U
8 Gigabyte ram
Windows 8.1, 64bit
Graphic card AMD Radeon R5 M255

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? :

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak? Yes.

Your Raiding Background:

I played in Private servers when I wasn't playing in the Blizzard version. Played on the best servers that could offer Vanilla, tbc, 3.3.5 and so on and forth. at the time I was a brat who didn't believe in paying for a game Specially a basic fee and a monthly fee so that was the reason I wasn't present in the current version. and then when I became more mature in mindset, got a decent looking income, and was tiered of Bugs and the same looking raids over and over again in the private servers I decided to move on and came to blizzard.
I started raiding in blizzard at the end of nighthold with the Guild called Unseen in Tarren Mill as a Shadow priest when it was in a bad situation and we killed for bosses on Night hold and were progressing on 50% Tichondris when the Tomb came. My guild was a Casual guild want to Raid mythic style and they had internal struggles some people left from it and I changed to a Holy/Disc priest since the guild needed it. unfortunately because of the guild was a casual guild formed by Old members backing to Vanilla and whatever their reason was Either real life problems, not caring about the game maybe and etc, they werent up to the task and didn't try to improve their skills or read tactics so we only Killed the first boss of the Tomb in mythic mode and were having problems on the second boss because we lacked the damage to the adds. people didn't want to focus them down or couldn't and people not Responding in time for going into the second room and clean their stacks. Antorus came and I killed the first two bossess with them. the fell hounds was the hardest Since People didn't know when or what to dodge and our paladin tank was having a hard time dealing with the hounds and not Calling for any defensives from the healing team when required. I parted one week after the felhound kills for mainly two reasons. the first one was because people didn't have Discipline. we had people Slacking, not signing up on events, thinking it was all a joke, not calling it on time when they were not coming to raids, not learning tactics and not trying to improve their skills. the second reason I left was the raid leader at the time and the officers and guild masters were not making the right calls and choices and in a way you can say they werent giving a damn about their tactical and etc choices.
I joined the guild Called Sub Zero after that which we Fastly Killed everyboss till Imonar and we were on 15% on Imonar when real life hit me and I needed to take a break to sort things, do my paper works and take care of my life which was in danger. so I talked with the Officers and guild master and I took a break till 1-2 months before the new expansion. the guild carried on and killed everyboss and was progressing on Aggrimar when I came back and because of internal problems that arouse when I was away, people ( 2 officers, some healers and dps) left the guild and we were left to disband so I entered the New expansion in a Rush for trying to find a Good guild for raiding. a Guild not disbanding, with a strong leadership and stable situation. I joined Guilds and made a mistake of staying in a guild that promotes Casual like behavior in mythic again in some of my choices but things went on I found a decent looking guild and we Killed 3 bossess on mythic. after the situations I'm going to explain next happened I am here writing in a recruitment form.

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?

I joined a friends guild called "Psychedelics" in Bfa. because of the constant shoutouts I was getting from the people I knew in that guild. they said they're going to be Semi hardcore in this expansion , and be the beasts they used to be in the Older expansions and compete and etc. so i decided to give it a shout but they failed to present themselves in a manner they promised. Long story short they were Casual wanna raid mythic with the same problems my first guild had and I decided that if I wan't to stay with them it would mean that either I am going to stay behind enjoying the true content the game has to offer since my Comrades are not up to the task skillfully or mentally or everyone will just part ways again due to pressure so I parted ways with them which is kind of sad because a lot of people there expect a few handful of bad people with bad personalities were great there and it was a shame that I couldn't play with them anymore and Joined a Guild that had 10/11 Mythic on Anotrus Called Implosion and Began my trial since they Really needed a " Priest " even though they were overhealing everything by having 5-6 healers. the Uldir released and right after releasing and clearing content I noticed the Weakness and the cockiness of the leadership just right after we were progressing on Zul.
He would Make a lot of mistakes, call a lot of things wrong, blame the wrong people over other mistakes, doing mistake his own and not apologizing and being overly toxic about everything and not giving a single amount of respect to the trials or the raiders. in that raid we missed about 100-150 Interupts on the Blood hexers on heroic and people werent soaking proper and tanks weren't getting tid of their debuf stacks propper a day after the raid ended I whispered him with logs and I explained in a detailed way what we are doing wrong and what things we can improve off. other people did as well and all of us got called " You're doing an officers job or raidleaders job. I know what I'm doing and you shouldn't meddle and pretend the last raid didn't happen" . we couldn't kill Zul while he was there but we killed zul and mythrax as a guild when he couldn't attend the raid. the same problems with zul happened with G'huun as well and because of lack of respect and cockiness the raid leader which is guild master had for people not counting trials as even human beings I decided to leave that Guild and I joined <Banished EU> .
I explained about my raiding history and guilds I was a part of before joining Banished EU.
<Banished EU> was like the 12th guild in the realm if I'm not mistaken when I joined them. they were progressing on Zek'voz mythic when I joined them and I got into it just as soon as I joined. they had about 157 pulls or more on Zek'voz
and they couldn't kill the boss because of toxicity and lack of certin personal skills ( Positioning, Calling for personal or defensive cd, Dps whoring not paying attention to the right targets, debuffing or attacking the cced targets on accident and we had a tank who was really really good. top tier but because he wanted to say the Guild and people are shit he would position the boss badly on purpose and even hit them with the tank combo resulting in a whipe. he and the trouble makers that was making mistakes on purpose to say other people are bad or in their own way shit got kicked. we Killed Zekvoz and we carried to vectis. but the same problems we had with zek'voz we had with vectis as well. people not soaking correctly, people getting hit by lines and not paying attention, people having too many stacks and blaming others, people having too little stacks and refusing to get the vector so their stacks could get balanced and prevent the guild from whiping, people losing motivation, not joining the rids, not using Prepot and flasks ( we had 10 people not using them on a fight ) and people doing mythic + when they should've been raiding. the leadership was good but the amount of toxicity coming from other members was the problem. and after the Guild master ( raid leader ) took a break the guild fell apart since he was the anchor point and we lost everyone's we had.

but in general it was a good guild, it's sad that everything hit haywire and guildmaster/raidleader and officers took a break and core raiders leaving

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)):

Full Clear Normal + Heroic.

Taloc + Mother + Zekvoz on mythic
Vectis on 30%
fetid on 80%.

I killed Taloc and mother only 1 time since when I joined the guild they were progressing on zek'voz which meant for me that I'm joining a saved raid and I stepped down on taloc and mythic because we had a lot of people which needed the items from them which I didn't. I have 2 killes on zek'voz and I could have a third kill but the guild was raiding 5-7 days a week and one of the good point of our guild was flexible schedule. meaning that you can decide which raids you want to participate in if you're a good player. when they killed zek'voz I was taking care of my ill father and was in hospital with him and wasn't my raid day.

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?
Priests Discord and AutomaticJak's and Focused will discord.

I check reddit and youtube comments here and there to see a general reaction or a problem or etc... with my class as well but they are not really Important since Most of them are for PTR or unfinished patches.

What do you expect from us?

Expecttion is a strong words but I expect this Guild to be stable, I don't want to pass my trial only to find out the guild got disbanded . I expect a strong leader ship to call things out when other people are not. I expect everyone accept their mistakes if they made any and not dodge it or blame it on others and try to get better next time. I expect the environment I am trying to join right now eventually will make me become a Better player, better team player, better co-worker, better raider and last but not least a better human being and a person in general since you don't want a robot in your guild and everyone is a Human.

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who?

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.)


Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention?

I applied in october 1, but the system was buggy and I didn't know I had to fill a form. I was like waiting for an email or something to help me with further instructions after I applies but it didn't happen so I contacted officers and got informed about the problem and the forum. so here I am writing my own Recruitment text.

I like the Name of the Guild to be honest as well, it would be so good in Legion with all the RNG .
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Hi Merrell,

Many thanks for your application and the depth you have gone into. Unfortunately due to high level review of your logs your application has been unsuccessful. I wish you all the best in your search.
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