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#13984856 Mar 14, 2019 at 02:37 PM
Falconcore - Draenor
Your Character: Falconcore - Draenor

Name: Not that I don't want tell but if at some point I want to I might tell
Class: Blood Death Knight
Armory link:
UI Screenshots (1 while in combat as well): Stream is a bit laggy haven't really sat it up.
RealID: Falconclaw#2100

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats:

Right now I'm running a very dps orientated build, the reason for that is I'm in a slow progression guild and I quite fast out gear the content.
Mainly Blood DK is focused around having haste, the reason for that is we need to constantly be able to build runic power to use our main survival ability DS.
Crit is there to increase the chance of bigger heals and also for extra damage output.
Mastery is there to create a bigger Blood shield for when I'm not tanking the boss so I can build up a bigger absorb and a little increase in damage.
Vers is my 2nd biggest viable in survival which is also the stat I would prio if I were to progress harder bosses than I am at the moment.

Do you have any logs from your recent raids? Please provide extensive narrative as to why some logs are below average / anything specific you want us to take note of.
My DPS logs for DK is quite okay where to my Healer logs are maybe not the greatest but that can be explain to that my use of Cooldowns are used when needed and not to pad my logs to look like I could do greater healing.

Personal information:

Age: 17
Country: Denmark
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)?
Exams but shouldn't be a problem and also I will be away between the 25-29th of March.

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC).
MS is at max 40 haven't experienced MS problems this expansion yet.
Fps is at the same at around 40

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? In addition, if raid days are moved will this cause a problem?
All the days are good and well the only problem that could occur would be the change in raid times, I am very limited to which times I can raid.

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak?

I'm very vocal when it is needed else I prefer to always have the raid leader speak and control the raid so everyone can be focused at all times during a pull.
In between pulls I'm very vocal when it comes to fixing certain issues.

Your Raiding Background:
My first ever raid was Karazhan, I was pretty bad back then, I did some raids in Wrath like ICC, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader, after that I came to SoO where I got my first curve didn't really try hard back then, in Legion I tried out raiding more where I got CE in EN, ToV and NH before I took a break from the game. Now in BFA I have gotten CE Uldir and looking like I'm also gonna get it in BoDA.

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?

My guild history consist of me jumping between guilds where my friends have been leading them, they have all been around the top 1000. I'm currently looking for a better guild because the only thing I do with my current guild is raid. As well as raiding I enjoy pushing m+ and a lot of players don't put the same effort into their character that I do. I often play with other friends from a top 50 guild "Clique" which have already finished progress and I feel like I'm missing out on that experience. In short I wanna get done with progress faster while also meeting new people with the same strive for raiding and mindset towards raiding in a friendly competitive manner.

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)).

At the moment for BoDA I'm 6/9 Mythic, Uldir I got 7/8 on my DK and 8/8 Mythic on my monk, Antorus I played until I quit the game at Aggramar Mythic cause I had some real life problems. Thoes real life problems also occurred when I had to move to a new school back in ToS just after I killed 5/9 Mythic, NH I got CE the same with EN. Else I have had small raiding experiences throughout the expansions where I have killed some bosses while just being a casual player.

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?

Most of my research comes from other players that I know and talking to them what could result as being the best on average on each fight or if something standout individual to be exceptional in 1 specific fight. Else I usually update myself by looking at logs from other top guilds and see which kind of stats, trinkets and traits they use.

What do you expect from us?

I expect a environment for where it would be possible to have fun and great banter during and outside of raids where people are always up for doing a small thing to upgrade they characters. People are willing to be constructive during raid so that bosses can die faster.
I also expect that people are gonna be friendly towards each other and not scream every single profanity they know in rage for someone doing a mistake.

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who?

I don't know anyone as for now.

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.)

I was looking through guilds on WoW Progress that were fitting the times I want to raid not any specific days.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention?

I'm well aware of my guild record not being amazing but in contrast I have people who can vouch for my abilities in various top 100 guild. These people include Pauada from ScrubBusters, Kosehai and Nemesis from CyaThursday, Jadamas from Any Hungry and Qooxxy from eXample
#13984974 Mar 14, 2019 at 06:49 PM
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Hi Falcon,

Many thanks for your application. As you allude to, unfortunately due to lack of experience we will be unable to offer you a trial at present. All the best in your search.
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