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#14143833 May 19, 2019 at 12:23 PM
Name: Pureasvodka
Class: Restoration Druid
Armory link:
RealID: Mads#2554

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats: As resto druids we are pretty lucky, as we can pretty much choose whatever stats we want, as all secondary stats are good. However I tend to prioritize mastery and crit before haste/vers, in order to have more crits, and also higher single target/direct healing when its needed. Besides that i use various websites to check for azerite traits etc.

Do you have any logs from your recent raids? Please provide extensive narrative as to why some logs are below average / anything specific you want us to take note of.

When you look through the logs, please note that I have always been a teamplayer, taking on the extra "assignments/Jobs" to help the raid. i.e Jaina balista, Mekka roots etc.

Personal information:

Age: Currrently 23 years old.
Country: I am living in Denmark.
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)? I have two weeks of vacations during the summer planned (week 29-30) and also a week trip in week 41.

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC).
Usually I have 20-25 ms and 60-70 FPS during raids.

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? In addition, if raid days are moved will this cause a problem?
I wouldnt be making an application to a guild without looking at the raiding days and requirements. I can attend all 3 days of raiding, and usually moving a raid will not be causing any issues, as long as it is planned a few days ahead.

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak?
Yes I have discord and a working microphone. I am also vocal.

Your Raiding Background:

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?
I am seeking a new guild, because of my current one disbanding/stopping with raiding. Prior to being in Strange Behaviour i raided a few years with Alterac Deviants, but had to step down from raiding due to irl issues.

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)).
2/2 heroic
9/9 M (kill 7th april)
8/8 M (kill 4th november)
11/11 M (kill 8th march)

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?
Wow Forums and other forums where updates of the game is posted. (ie. MMO)

What do you expect from us?
I expect a quality raid with a good social comminuty where people are willing to put in the extra hours required to push the ranks even further.

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who? No I dont.

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.)
Walking through Wowprogress, i found your guild/description interesting and fitting for me as a player and individual.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention? N/A
#14144325 May 19, 2019 at 04:38 PM
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Hi Mads,

Many thanks for your application.

Unfortunately it has been unsuccessful. All the best in the future.
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