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#14162534 Jun 12, 2019 at 01:31 PM
Tundrapriest (Jamie)
Your Character:

Name: Tundrapriest
Class: Disc Priest
Armory link:
UI Screenshots (1 while in combat as well): // - Jaina POV to judge play
RealID: Tundra#2851

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats:
BFA sucks so all items that aren't trinkets/azerite/rings follow this prio ilvl > all, unless its socketed/leech and close ilvl, if it's even ilvl no socket then balancing secondary stats, primarily keeping haste + crit close. Azerite, 3x Treach Cov and 3x Bonded Souls, interchanging between fights as desired, 1x Depth, 1x Lum, the rest are just pick whats best. Trinkets are completely fight and comp dependant, Fangs gains value on long fights with no innervates, Inca if the raid is playing it, Paku as a default encounter, Prism for specific instances (take Jaina, useful for intermission and broadsides, Mirror for extremely specific instances or m+, Alch stone as usually the default secondary due to the value it gives. Conch can be interchanged with Paku for the default depending on if you need more haste or more crit to balance your stats. Any trinket not mentioned is probably useless or requires a stupid TF from a WQ for e.g Emblem

Do you have any logs from your recent raids? Please provide extensive narrative as to why some logs are below average / anything specific you want us to take note of. - BoD
All of these logs are spent as a healing officer, meaning I was split focus on my own personal player as well as managing raid CDs, externals and mana usage.

Personal information:

Age: 25
Country: UK
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)? No

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC). 80 FPS even while streaming privately, 17 ms

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? In addition, if raid days are moved will this cause a problem? Mon-Fri Can finish work at 5pm Server Time and be home at 6pm Server Time, day raiding would require me to use annual leave, I'm not against this but it would need to be for a good reason. Weekends any time is fine.

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak? Of course

Your Raiding Background:

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?
Legion & EU-TwistingNether

T19 Nighthold|5/10 Mythic|MM Hunter|<SALT> WR #5k+ RR #122
T20 ToS|3/9 Mythic|MM Hunter|<SALT> WR #5k+ RR #129
T21 Antorus|1/11 Mythic|R Sham|No Guild

Battle for Azeroth & EU-TarrenMill

T22 Uldir|8/8 Mythic|Disc Priest|<Hyped> WR #941 RR #42
T23 BoD|9/9 Mythic|Disc Priest|<Hyped> WR #467 RR #20

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)).
See above

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?
WoWprogress, /r/competitivewow, Warcraftlogs, Priest discord etc

What do you expect from us? Fast progression raiding, strong individual performance with cohesive team play.

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who? No

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.) WoWProgress

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention?
I main Disc Priest, Ex-Pro League of Legends player, Multi-season challenger, now full-time game developer and semi-hardcore WoW. My name is Jamie, 25, UK. Raided with <Hyped> for the last 9 months through Uldir and BoD as the healing officer, 450 World rank isn't satisfying at all and I want to push myself further. I'm also a spreadsheet fiend, creating multiple semi-automated spreadsheets for Healing Assignments, Guild Raid composition planning, attendance tracking etc if this is something that interests you I can explain further.
#14163259 Jun 14, 2019 at 09:31 AM
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Hi Tundra,

As discussed happy to offer you a trial.

Welcome aboard.
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