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#14170025 Jul 01, 2019 at 08:49 PM
Your Character:

Name: Ayayastab
Class: Rogue
Armory link:
UI Screenshots (1 while in combat as well):
RealID: Syn#2288

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats:

Using Raidbots and class forums to decided my stats and gear choices

Do you have any logs from your recent raids? Please provide extensive narrative as to why some logs are below average / anything specific you want us to take note of.

In guild i have been raiding we did private logs, after a disband they published some of them, also having only so few kills on mythic bosses in BoD is due to CoS release the plan was to go back to BoD after CoS clear since we were only 2 day guild and didn't want to waste any time on BoD re-clear, i have been on all Cabal and U'nat progress, sadly missed Cabal kill cause i couldn't show up that day and U'nat we had 5% wipe and unfortunately didn't manage to kill it before guild disband.

Personal information:

Age: 23
Country: Poland
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)? No

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC).

GTX MSI 1070
30 to 40ms and 40-60 fps in combat

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? In addition, if raid days are moved will this cause a problem?

- I'm used to raiding even Friday and Saturday so it wouldn't be a problem.

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak?

- I do and i am.

Your Raiding Background:

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?

-I already mentioned it before, guild disband "We've decided to call it quits after 12 years of raiding, mainly due to the state of the game and core people deciding to stop playing."

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)).

In my previous guild I've been since end of legion with great success:

★ Jaina Mythic: World 51
★ G'huun Mythic: World 90
★ Argus Mythic: World 87 - played mage

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?

Raidbots for simming
Class discord
Streamers sometimes

What do you expect from us?
Good and consistent raiding environment

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who?
I don't

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.)
Wow progress

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention?

I've said everything i wanted so no.
#14170307 Jul 02, 2019 at 11:51 AM
Following on from our conversation, accepted for trial.
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