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#14170086 Jul 01, 2019 at 10:41 PM
Name: Bubis
Class: Druid (Priest / Paladin)
Armory link: Druid / Priest / Paladin

UI Screenshots (1 while in combat as well): I will just link a video to make it all easier, that is my raid UI for any healing class.

RealID: Bubis#21109

Give us an explanation for your gear choices, including why you prioritize certain stats:

I prioritize like most players, based on item level / sockets etc. Azerites change depending on the content.

Thankfully Druid M+ and Raiding stats are about the same, so anything with Mastery and Haste is a great addition. Azerites are entirely set for M+ and will need changing if I step into raiding.

I will be happy to discuss as well for my Priest or Paladin upon request, as this application will become way longer than expected.

Do you have any logs from your recent raids? Please provide extensive narrative as to why some logs are below average / anything specific you want us to take note of.

I only have screenshoots as my old guild private ranks and I am not longer within the raider rank, so my access is taken. I have consistently ranked high as a priest. Feel free to check my suitability performance on any of our kill videos in my channel.
Stormwall / [url=]Mekkatorque
[/url] and Grong

Personal information:

Age: 25
Country: Bulgaria
Do you have any upcoming events or plans that will make you unavailable for a long period of time (such as holidays/exams, etc)?
I have birthday in two weeks, but thats about it for now.

Meeting the requirements:

What is your normal latency(ms) and FPS during raids? (Ideally give us the specs of your PC).
Usually I have about 40 ms and about 50 FPS during raids while I run a stream as well. My little monster is fueled by a Ryzen2700X accompanied by 3 SSDs and a Nvidia 1060 TI .

Can you raid on all of our raid days (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday)? In addition, if raid days are moved will this cause a problem?
This may cause a problem as explained as I will be pushing in M+ as well and I would like to stick to my schedule, of course if its a matter of an early kill or for the benefit of the greater good, I will make a sensible choice and attend extra or moved raids.

Do you have Discord installed and are you willing to speak?
Yes and yes

Your Raiding Background:

Please give a brief overview of your guild history and what is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?

In the past 3 expansions I have only raided for two guilds as I try to be loyal and do not have a history of guild jumping, I raided for Innominatum during the entire WoD and in BFA I only have raided with Unknown Error. Prior to this I have raided in top 200 as part of different guilds which I frankly cannot recall anymore.

I left Innominatum because I no longer had the time to play as I got promoted to a higher position at work while I was still a full time student.
I left Unknown Error due to combinations of factors. I was really burnt out from wiping 350 times on an aids boss like Jaina, while playing a spec I did not enjoy (2 shaman healers banned 150 pulls in due to exploit lvling, had to run with double DPS offspec healers) . I left when my GM confirmed that they will be okay without me.

What is your raiding experience? (starting with the most recent Tier(s)).

I have consistently raided since WOTLK till BFA. I have only skipped Legion and the start of Cataclysm, even in these I managed to have a solid experience by joining at the very end. The vast majority of my end bosses kills since MOP have been within top 200 world ranks.

What websites/resources do you use to keep yourself updated on the game and your class?

I read patch notes, but I do not really follow discords and/or websites like Druid discords or wowhead guides. I do watch streamers, but they don't usually raid. I almost always play what I think is the meta. And so far I have not been failed by my choices.

What do you expect from us?

Quick progress for the time given, Positive atmosphere, Zero drama , 3 days (I have never raided or want to raid more than 3 days for longer than 2 weeks in a row)

Do you know anyone in the guild, if yes who?

I know Tiltkrille and Deathdots

Where did you hear about us? (WoW Progress, MMO Champion etc.)

A word of mouth

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to mention?

I am a solid healer, I rarely fail on tactics, I am loyal, Drama free, Cheerful and Friendly, cannot go wrong with recruiting me to be honest :D
Feel free to contact me via Discord or Battle net if you wish to know anything in addition.
#14170221 Jul 02, 2019 at 07:50 AM
Hi Bubis,

Thanks for your application. As discussed happy to offer you a trial.
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