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#14202746 Sep 02, 2019 at 12:43 AM
Hi guys,

I’m Yologrumples, GM of Casual Raiders!

I apologise if I offend anyone by typing this! Especially because I’m drunk!

It’s sad to see you guys are disbanding, a true 3 day guild that set huge standards for the rest of us! It’s sad to see that the state of the game is screwing up guilds as good as your own to a stage where it’s best off to end a legacy rather than continue to be one of the best 3 day a week guilds in the world!

I’m sorry for your GM and your officer team and every single raider that was on your roster because you were one of the best 3 day a week guilds, if not the the best! To have raided competitively and managed to keep up with guilds that have a gross raiding schedule!

From your wowprogress it’s easy to see you guys had a great atmosphere in raid and outside, which is a huge thing to see in guilds!

I wish you all the best in game and out of game! For what it’s worth of course as you guys don’t know me or our raiders!

Keep your heads held high, because you all achieved something most people only think about!

Regards and best wishes to your entire roster,
Casual Raiders.
#14202869 Sep 02, 2019 at 09:27 AM
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Hey Yolo,

Thanks very much for your kind words means a lot.

Please keep up the hilarious responses on your guild apps. As someone who receives equally retarded apps / responses daily they always brought a smile to my face as well as the rest of the guild.

Good luck for the remainder of EP and for the future in game and in real life.

All the best,