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Xanth / Feb 08, 2019

Our creative placement of the death's door took the edge off this fight, a clean kill was easily achievable once Phase 2 was executed properly.

Xanth / Feb 08, 2019

Requiring some perfect kill timing, this boss challenged players in a new way but provided a very linear challenge.

Xanth / Feb 08, 2019

After a couple of hours with some solid attempts, we managed to defeat Opulence on our first clean transition to the second phase. A nice change of pace following the overly simple first three.

Xanth / Feb 08, 2019

Pretty standard start to the tier, closing out the initial three bosses on the first night with some exceptional play on multi-sided strike. Nothing too challenging, looking forward to what awaits us...

Xanth / Oct 22, 2018

Following a lot of heart breaking wipes, a lot of frustration and a solid effort from the team to get this boss down - we finally did it. With the help of coastal healing potions, on such a trivial boss, ending at rank 151 world is a significant j...

Xanth / Oct 15, 2018

With the tier drawing to a close, Mythrax finally falls thanks to the DPS contribution of Arf. One more to go!

Xanth / Oct 11, 2018

After utilising some Rogue alts and having the mighty Xanth play Vengeance - we managed to kill Zul pretty handily. Time to get back to a challenging boss in Mythrax.

Xanth / Oct 02, 2018

Additional weeks of gear and Vantus rune made this just a little bit easier than the world first kill. Still somewhat tight on DPS but once the adds were dying consistently Fetid was finally killed.