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Xanth / Oct 15, 2018

With the tier drawing to a close, Mythrax finally falls thanks to the DPS contribution of Arf. One more to go!

Xanth / Oct 11, 2018

After utilising some Rogue alts and having the mighty Xanth play Vengeance - we managed to kill Zul pretty handily. Time to get back to a challenging boss in Mythrax.

Xanth / Oct 02, 2018

Additional weeks of gear and Vantus rune made this just a little bit easier than the world first kill. Still somewhat tight on DPS but once the adds were dying consistently Fetid was finally killed.

Xanth / Sep 30, 2018

Another straight forward boss beaten easily by smart positioning and cooldown usage. On to Fetid, the first real DPS check of the tier.

Xanth / Sep 17, 2018

After a couple of close wipes, the team finally managed to down Zek'voz. Mechanically quite a simple encounter, just a case of getting the timings correct and focusing the right targets. Zeroblade finally had time to shine on this boss, which make...

Xanth / Sep 17, 2018

A nice step up in challenge after the walk in the park that was Taloc. An encounter designed solely around organisation is always good to kill - the raid was lucky enough to receive great motivation from Asheri on the bench as we one tanked the en...

Xanth / Sep 17, 2018

Easy entry to the new tier, not much to say to be honest. Luckily no bugs on this one, quick kill for the guild.

Xanth / Jul 24, 2018

Battle for Azeroth is right around the corner and what better way to start a new expansion than with Bad Luck. We're still actively recruiting to fill a few key spots in the roster. If you feel you can add to the guild and want to strive personall...